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February 15, 2010 12:02 am - Thoughts on love..
Growing up, somewhere along the way, we pickup the need to WANT and FEEL love. So, the search begins. . . LITTLE DID WE KNOW.... How HARD it is to find it... When we were younger, it didn't seem so hard! Mostly because we had that "EWWWW COOTIES!!!" state of mind... But when there was that ONE boy or girl, that you thought you were ACTUALLY IN "LUV" with... The world came crashing down when it ended.. Looking back on it NOW? Sure, we think its ridiculous... But I WOULD GIVE ANYTHING, to be able to just... TAKE THAT chance... Without the doubt... Without the fear... to feel like nothing could get in the way.
However, that is non-sense, and is probably the reason you've become so worried, and fearful of trying to be in a relationship. Of course, each and every one of us has been hurt, in some shape or another. But who's to say the NEXT relationship wont work? Maybe thats my problem right there... I WANT SOOOO BADLY for this next relationship to work, to not be like the rest.... And just... to be EVERYTHING I've ever wanted... Well, hello... Yes... I am very young... But also mature. Who am I to judge someone else based on what I've heard or seen. OBVIOUSLY i'm not in a stable, working relationship... or a relationship at all! Although, I've realized... I cant EVER love someone.... until I love and appreciate myself first. And as cliche�© as that sounds... It's true.
I feel that we've lost the meaning of actually being in a relationship... Being in a relationship, is getting to know someone. Trying to find that one person you just... CONNECT with... That isn't perfect, but fits you perfectly. Taking any thing less, is just ridiculous, and pointless. Call me PICKY all you want. But no one has the right to judge. We all have standards... wether you lower yours, is your problem.
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