Online Safety At PeopleGrade:

This article briefly discusses various ways to protect yourself both at PeopleGrade and in general on the Internet. PeopleGrade wants every user's experience to be a safe and fun one. The suggestions discussed here will hopefully enhance your online experience at PeopleGrade.

Most Important-

1. Enter your correct birth date at signup: YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 16 YEARS OF AGE TO SIGNUP TO PEOPLEGRADE. You cannot join the site if you are under 16, please come back when you are 16. When you signup to PeopleGrade you are asked to enter your birth date twice to prevent an error. Additionally, we do not allow members to change their age, which is calculated based on your entered birth date and changes with time automatically.

2. Only submit information you want others to see: With the exception of your email address and your real name, nearly all the information you submit on PeopleGrade is viewable by other members or the general public. Knowing this, you should only post information on your profile, in your journal, and in forum posts that you want everyone to view. Posting items such as your phone number, address, or social security number not only goes against PeopleGrade policy, but puts you at risk. Please note the warnings displayed in red before you submit various kinds of information. See below to find out more about how to control who sees information about you on PeopleGrade.

3. Report problems: If you feel at any time that something is "just not right" either with a person's profile, or with a member's interaction with you on PeopleGrade, you should immediately report this issue to us. You can easily do this by going to the bottom of any profile and clicking on the "Report Abuse/Offensive Content" link. Please be specific in your report so that we may take the appropriate action to resolve the issue.

Privacy Options on PeopleGrade-

PeopleGrade has a number of privacy options and controls to give you choices about who has access to the information you post on PeopleGrade. These controls are all based on who you choose to accept as friends, and either allowing or disallowing the public and your friends to view your information. If you choose to use the functions outlined below, please take care in who you choose as your friends. The friends function is controlled on the MY FRIENDS page.

Most of the sites privacy and security options can be found at the bottom of the MY PROFILE page.

1. Privacy Mode. The major function of Privacy Mode is so that others do not see you when you are online when the "Members Online" links are displayed. This function will also prevent you from being displayed on any of the rating lists, the featured members banner on the home page, and other area's of the site. Please note that if your profile is viewed, even with this option, the icon showing you as "online" will still display. This function is not related to who you choose as your friends.

2. Who can comment on my profile? This option limits the users who can write comments on your profile to only your friends.

3. Who can see your profile? This will prevent everyone but your chosen friends from seeing the vast majority of your profile. With this option selected only your main picture, your username, and your age and gender are displayed to the viewer. Your online status will still show up to the viewer even if this option is selected.

4. Who can see your friends? This option allows you to keep your friends private from the public. If selected, only your friends will be able to see your other friends.

5. Block users from sending you mail or commenting on your profile. This option allows you to block specific users from sending you mail or commenting on your profile. User names are entered in one at a time, with a maximum of 20.

Additionally, you may control who is able to read and comment on your journal entries by going to the JOURNAL STYLE page. If you restrict your journal entries to be viewable by your friends only, your entry will also not appear on the rolling topics of journals on the PeopleGrade home page.

We hope the above information enhances and educates you about options for your safety and privacy while on PeopleGrade. This information is not all there is to know about safety and privacy on the site, but it is meant to be a rough guideline. From time to time additional information may be added.