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Skee Ball
Recieved 3 grades
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Game Scores & Statistics
All-time High Score:  2510  (Lost)
High Score this month:  n/a
My All-time High Score:  n/a
Scores Submitted:  7565
Comments:  0
Game Information
Wind up by taking your mouse to the bottom of the screen and then moving it upwards to let the ball go.
Score is automatically submitted when the game is over, so wait for the page to refresh.
Skee Ball
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High Scores
All Time
2510 Lost
2470 Saltshaker
2400 Saltshaker
2400 Saltshaker
2380 Saltshaker
2370 Lost
2360 Saltshaker
2330 Saltshaker
2230 Saltshaker
2220 Saltshaker
This Month
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