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Question: I never received my activation code.

Answer: The activation code is emailed to you as soon as you sign up. Depending on your email service, you should receive the confirmation email in a matter of minutes. The most common reason for not receiving your confirmation email is due to a failure to use a valid email address! That is why we ask for your email address TWICE. Other reasons why you may not have received your confirmation email are as follows (once you are certain that you have used a valid email address): Our email to you has been picked up by your spam or junk email filter, please check the folder which holds this email to see if the email may have landed in this area. For the future we suggest you place “” into your list of safe email domain names to ensure you receive all communications from PeopleGrade.

AOL Users: 1) Your email settings must be set to allow email outside of AOL, and 2) Your email settings must allow imbedded images in emails. Make certain both of these items are set correctly in your AOL email setup.

Also, Your email account may be over quota, meaning that you have received too much email and have not cleared out and deleted your old email, please do this to make certain you receive our emails.

Once you have checked the above issues you may click HERE to request to have your confirmation email sent to you again.