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Forums>Dating & Relationships>June 2007, im a married man!
Feb 20, 2006 4:49am
June 2007, im a married man!
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Figured this would be easier than individually emailing everyone i wanted to tell.
since i know enough people on here, figured it would be better to make a public announcement.

My fiancee and I are planning on getting hitched next june, soon after i move permanantly to california.
If you wouldve asked me when I graduated HS if I would be married when i graduated from college, id say you were crazy.
what a difference three years makes.

Im surprised no one mentions the topic of marriage around here (although theaverage age is around 15, so Id hope freshman in HS werent thinking about tying the knot). so heres to starting a new thread on the topic

Forums>Dating & Relationships>June 2007, im a married man!
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