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Jan 18, 2006 11:42am


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OK me and my bf have been together for almost 6months,but we have known eachother since the 7th grade..and we have dated a couple times,but it was nothing too serious.Now things have been changing between ,because of my ex.HE has major feelings for me and has had them since he first met me two years ago.He left me because this one girl told him rumors WHICH WEREN'T TRUE and now he regrets it by ruining two of his relationships just to be and talkto me.I finally brought my ex to christ WOOT WOOT and now he is closer to me than ever.MY bf is helping my ex and is becoming friends with him.Yet the closer god brings him to us the closer he is getting to my spirit.Now I have feelings for him and i'm lost.My bf and I are so much alike that we fight all the time and when everyone sees us @ school they know i'm not happy,but I guess I can't seem to see that i'm not happy.SO now i'm left with the choice of staying with my bf or go back to my ex or leave both behind(which I can't do)......On friday I decided I wanted to be with my I called my ex and i told him I don't see a reason to leave my bf I mean he was there for all through my emotional stress*AKA BAD*my ex began to cry and I started crying too! now i felt even worse.The next day my bf came to see me and I cried all day ,because I let go of Michael.........I felt like a part of me just died and I killed his spirit.But I didn't his michaels is still pushing to be around me and still cares ALOT for me.Which it kills me.JC my bf has been hurting also because he hates to see me hurt.ON that Saturday when my bf came to see me after he left my mom and dad came and wanted me to take my pills and I was like "NO i'm tired of them" And so they took my phone to where I couldn.t talk to ne one.They became physical since I was trying to leave my room to get my phone ,cuz I was scared.I took my pills but I was left with bruises and scars....but i got my phone back.Called my bf and we talked for awhile then he said'you need to stop running to me and start running to god" and he hung up the phone......he left me in my time is desparate need.Michael herd what happened from when I called him and he was like"its going to be ok don't worry i'm here for you" I felt like he cared about me more than my own bf did.SO now i'm even more stuck because that night I lost a part of my bf trust in me.....he left me and i got hurt.

PLEASE HELP ME to what I should do??? I Don't want to hurt any one but these guys I couldn't live without.They both give me someting to learn in life,but each one lacks eachothers points.JC needs michaels and Michael needs JC
PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!! Put yourself in my shoes..I know I can only answer this im just asking for guidence
CArlie AnN

roses are red
violets are blue
sugar is sweet
and so are u
but the roses are wiltering
the violets are dead
the sugarbowl is empty
and so is your head

Jan 18, 2006 5:39pm
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It seems like you're staying with your boyfriend out of obligation? If it's obvious to your friends that you aren't happy then something is wrong. Whatever emotional problems you're having right now are probably causing you to cling to what you have regardless of what you feel at the end of the day.

As in, your boyfriend is real and solid because at the moment you two are together and you might possibly be afraid of taking a chance with Michael because he left you once before? Maybe not. Just a thought.

Either way, someone is going to get hurt. You can't avoid that. We all have to go through it but time goes on and people eventually heal.

You probably won't follow this but my advice to you would be to take a step back from the situation and figure out what you want first. Even if it is unintentional, you're stringing both of them along and it isn't fair to either one.

You can't make a clear decision when your judgement is clouded with guilt. This needs to be about who you feel a deeper connection with. Which relationship is healthier for you.
Forums>Dating & Relationships>PLEASE ME MINE I NEED HELP
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