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Aug 22, 2005 11:15pm
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I broke up with my exboyfriend 4 months ago.
It was an abusive relationship.

I try to get a long with him because we are friends with the same people, and wherever i go with my friends he's either at the destination or with us.

He just keeps fighting with me. I talked to him and tried to tell him just don't talk to me, because we obviously don't get along.

I find myself at home and just wanting to stay home, i have fun until he shows up. He will not stop yelling at me, calling me a whore, and telling me that he's going to make my life a living hell. He beat up my guy friend for hanging out with me. He has done stuff with other girls, but keeps calling me and lying about them. He tells me he still loves me and misses me. I tell him I don't care what he does, because I'm not his girlfriend. If i don't pick up my phone he'll leave a gazillion voicemails yelling at me calling me a whore and a bitch.

It is embarassing, I just leave my friends and go home. I hate fighting with him infront of everyone, and everyone gets annoyed by it. My sister recommended getting a restraining order. What good will that do?
My friends tell him just to chill out and don't even look at me, but that never happens. They have been friends with him for so long, and with me for so long, it's just rude to make them choose one or the other.

Even if I'm with my friends and he isn't there, he is calling me, yelling at me for being with them. I try to explain that they are my friends too, and it isn't my problem. It's hard for me and all my friends to try to ditch him. He calls everyone nonstop. If he is with them without me there, which has been a lot lately, my friends say he is cool. Maybe I should just rot and die. I have felt so stressed out. I just want him to move on. Well, Actually I'm kindof worried, I hope by me "breaking his heart" that he will take note and not abuse his future girlfriend.

I hope I make new friends at my new school, not that my friends are bad, i love them dearly and have been friends with them since gradeschool, i just can't handle my ex. Any suggestions?
Aug 23, 2005 6:55pm
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Aug 24, 2005 4:27pm
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Aug 25, 2005 5:48pm
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