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Aug 15, 2005 4:11am
Music History Books and Culture Trends.


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Let me tell you this. I am a junkie for historical books. Let me just say this, I have read quite a few "History of _______(Place Genre Here)"

For example:
Nothing Feels Good:Punk Rock, Teenagers and Emo: Oh man this book made me pitch a bitch. First of all the author Andy Greenwald is a corporate writer for Spin. Let me just say they are a music corp. run magazine made for "alternitive" and stuff like that. If that makes me bias, oh the fuck well. My friend says this was a funny book because it was so "black and white" as she put it. Well anyways I really disliked the classification and the way it was written. I guess it had a decent... quick history of all the stuff before 2003.

I've also read books that over-do the analyzing of music in general. Which in my opinion] is overly pointless

As far as culture trends. This is a hoot and a hollar. Let me tell you a quick tale. My friend Emma wanted to get a book since she is Wiccan from Barnes and Nobles. Now, I live in a dinky town with no independant bookstores. She went to the new age and I was just look around. Now while I was standing in the "Culture" section I spotted a book called "The Goth Bible". Just for humor purposes I picked it up and flipped though.

For an 18.95 book you get the most comprehensive break down of "goth" I have ever seen. Now seriously. Who in their right mind would pay $20 to analyze "gothic".

I am just saying as an underlying culture trend, I really don't know what that existed. Now, there is a logical reason and I just don't give a damn but I have a question for you all.

A.What type of musical history books have you read? Were the bias? Did they have accurate info?
B.Give me culture books. Hilarious. Ridiculous. I don't care.

I am just looking for books to read and wonder why in the hell they were written.


Forums>Books and Literary Works>Music History Books and Culture Trends.
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