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Jun 27, 2005 6:58pm
no offense
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No offense Zivilian, or whoever it is that dresses up like monkeys, but I dont appreciate geting a letter saying that you make better pictures then me RANDOMLY especially when all u did was:

-Render a pic of yourself or someone else in a ninja suit.
-Use Gradient Tool for the red to black coloring.
-Made two copies of the text layer, one for affects and the other for the Wind Stylization.
-Brushed to make a border.

Here is my version of what you did, as my final product. (note, i had made this for a tutorial that was for Beginners):



On this one i used brushing.
I'm not saying that you MAY not be better than me, but i never started trouble with you, and i randomly get a msg about your gfx being "hxc" better than mine. if we have to start trouble, then can i say that a child who dresses as a ninja has problems?

Forums>Graphics Pad>no offense
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