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Feb 10, 2005 4:08pm
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hawt is standing out in the pouring rain with you.. as you push me up against your car and kissing me with the intentions of never stopping <3

it starts with the pain goes on with the ((cutting)) flows with the blood, brings a few --tears-- and ends a young life!

Feb 10, 2005 4:42pm


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been there, done that.
end story : i should have listened to all of the advice.
i learned a lot of lessons and what not, but it turned into everything they said it would.
on top of that, he thinks he loves me. and continues to tell me so. it's been almost a year. and it's rediculous.
what kind of rep does this boy have?

.dirty is fancy.


Feb 11, 2005 10:08pm
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Feb 12, 2005 11:34am
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I'd say that's the kinda guy you wanna stay away from.

Feb 12, 2005 1:29pm
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Well it all depends on if the person has changed. You can tell right off the bat if soembody has changed, you can just see it in there eyes. I know how terrible it is when a guy has a reputation like that. If it is the type of reputation that I am thinking of which I believe it is. Some people never change and I'm not there so I can't say exactly how this person is, but just follow your heart. I'm ashamed to admit that I wasonce like that, but like I said people change. I know I am no longer even close to being like I once was. Some people can change you just have to want to.

Feb 17, 2005 9:32pm
past experience*
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Original post by diEskankdiEx
okay, so this guy asked me out, but i dont know if i should date him, becuz he has a bad reputation.

what should i do? this guy has a bad rep? what does that say about you? that you go by what people say about people? not good..okay..that wasn't a rip on you..just so you i dated a guy w/ a bad rep..the name was cody..and we were together for eight months..those were some of the BEST eight months of my life..he made me so happy..and although it came to an end..i still look back and don't regret ONE thing..besides..everything comes to an end sometime.


dOnT bE fOoLeD bY tHe RoCkS tHaT i gOt... :elvis:
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